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The Chase

Nippon Television Tower
"The Chase" public art work located in the Shiodome district of Tokyo.
Outside the Nippon Television Tower in Shiodome on the pedestrian walkway about 15-ft above street level are several unusual works of art.
One is a set of multicolored sculptures of the human form. The colors and poses give these pieces a fun and whimsical feeling. Too bad, I couldn't find a plaque with the artist's name(s) anywhere.
A humanoid object set up at the Nichi Teletower.
In 2003, this "Shiotama" was announced at the event entitled "Art surprised!" When Shiodome's day tele tower was completed.
This all-in-one Shiotama was seen at any time around the main office building at that time, but now only the ones set up on the first floor square.
It is also used as a bench and is popular as one of the public art that symbolizes Japan Teleport Tower.