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Statue of St Christopher

St. Theresa's Church
St. Teresa’s Church is a neo-Romanesque building, completed in 1932. The architect was Dutch Benedictine monk, Adalbert Gresnigt, OSB, who was also a renowned artist. His works are found in the United States, Brazil and many other countries; the former Fu Jen University in Peking and Holy Spirit Seminary in Aberdeen were also designed by him. The campanile on the east side is an iconic feature of the church. Older parishioners still remember the chimes for the Angelus, which continued well into the 1960’s. After World War II, the statue of St. Christopher, patron of traffic safety (by tradition, a third-century figure), was erected near the corner of the fence wall, to the right of the main façade, looking onto the traffic of Prince Edward Road and Waterloo Road, as if to protect divers and pedestrians using these busy thoroughfares. In the past, a special rite for the blessing of motor vehicles was held every year on 25th July; this practice is now discontinued.